Mulher trans Eva Medusa, conhecida como Lady Dragon
Mulher trans Eva Medusa, conhecida como Lady Dragon (Foto: Reprodução/Instagram)

A mulher transexual norte-americana Eva Medusa tem chamado a atenção nas redes sociais por se submeter a procedimentos cirúrgicos, além de fazer tatuagens no rosto para se assemelhar cada vez mais a imagem de um dragão.

As inúmeras intervenções cirúrgicas para mudar a aparência, fizeram com que ela ficasse conhecida como a Lady Dragon (Senhorita Dragão, em tradução literal) e tenha uma legião de seguidores no Instagram.

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Natural de Bruni, no Texas, a moça gastou mais de 60 mil dólares para se assemelhar com a figura mitológica. A transformação teve direito a língua bifurcada, escamas tatuadas e oito ‘chifres’ em sua cabeça.

Eva também é portadora do vírus HIV. O diagnóstico fez com que ela pedisse demissão do banco no qual exercia o cargo de gerente. Abandonada pelos pais quando tinha cinco anos, a personagem afirma que hoje sua mãe é uma cobra cascavel. “Espero que a minha história ajude outras pessoas que perderam a esperança”, afirmou ao jornal The Daily Mail.

Today was the most interesting day. Unlike the experience I had last time I went out and got on the bus, today’s bus ride to my surgeon’s office was very pleasant everybody was smiling and some people asked questions when I smiled and I made them feel comfortable and unintimidated. On the streets, and waiting for the bus at the bus stops, I got so many thumbs ups, people taking pictures, people stopping in the middle of the street to take video of me while I flick my tongue at them. Everybody giving me the thumbs up nobody was rude to me at all. I did legitimately scare a couple of people which was kind of funny and that in itself made my day. We went over the CAT scan results from yesterday and much to his surprise and to mine too the the report he got back from the reading said that there were no signs of any hernia so it’s really crazy because there are visible signs, I have two, they are large, and I am in pain. The doctor said “well I can see them so I know they’re there” so he what he’s going to do is go to the hospital cuz it’s in another part of town and do the reading himself on the reports. He says because he knows exactly where to look and what he’s looking for he’ll be able to do a more accurate reading and he’s going to call me tomorrow afternoon and we will discuss and set the date for the surgery.

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Yesterday, I had my psychiatric appointment it was the first for 2018 and it went really well. My doctor didn’t seem to surprise when I mention to her that I see things that most people don’t see and that I feel like I live in I live in a double reality. My anxiety has that been going through the roof and my depression has been getting the best of me too so we upped my medication both my Seroquel and my Pristiq so hopefully in the change will help me as I go forward. Another note, I have until the 16th which is the end of next week to finish going to go in through my post-op healing or recovery time so I will be getting back to my normal duties a little bit at a time, but, until then it’s continued bed rest cuddled up with the puppies and getting up and doing a little bit of work on my computer when I can when I have the energy to do it. Sending everybody my love from Oblivion.

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